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The most important security we offer is home protection.

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Burglar Alarm Systems

Commonly referred to as Security Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems are network security systems that aim to monitor and detect malicious activity – this way, break-in attempts are identified and addressed in a fast and efficient manner and your home is fully protected against non-authorized entry. These systems typically monitor the activities that happen inside your home as well as the perimeter of your home and can either sound an alarm or block the intruder.

Fire Protection

Monitored fire protection mechanisms aim to address and to prevent the negative effects of unwanted fires. Fire protection refers to systems that are installed in most modern structures, and that fully comply with the building codes and the fire codes that apply in your area. Fire protection measures have three main goals: the first and most important one is to ensure life safety and to prevent fire from causing any human casualties. The second goal is to protect the properties from fire damage (and this often involves an insurance) and the final goal is ensuring continuous operations.

Flooding and Temperature Control

Flooding and temperature control detectors are installed in locations around your home which would be particularly vulnerable to flooding and fluctuations in temperature, such as near furnaces, in the basement, etc. They alert you to such events so the situation can be addressed before damage occurs. These devices can also act as temperature controls for the room.

Motion Detector With Pet Immunity

Motion detection technology protects the interior of your residence or business through the installation of motion detectors at strategic locations. An alarm will activate when motion is detected inside the protected zone while the security system is engaged. Note that special motion detectors are also calibrated for house pets so that your cat or dog can walk around the house freely without triggering the alarm. Typically motion detectors are active in the home or business when the owners are away.

Video Monitoring

Force Security’s video monitoring systems involves the use of video surveillance equipment to monitor your property. Video surveillance is highly effective for preventing trespassing, these systems are suitable both for commercial and residential use.

Modern surveillance systems use Wi-Fi (the internet), which can be controlled and viewed remotely in real time. They can send an alarm, an e-mail or text to the user, as soon as they identify any criminal activity – when that happens, these systems are connected to the local police department. The authorities are automatically informed about any abnormal activity taking place around the perimeter of the property being monitored. All by using their smart phone tablet or remote control!

What if I’ve Had A Break-In

If your home or business has been compromised; you are left with a feeling of violation. Access control systems are designed to restrict the access of unauthorized individuals, either to a certain location or to a certain resource. These systems rely on two main mechanisms to guarantee the authorization (the permission to access a resource): locks, which are designed for physical locations and login details, which are designed to grant access only to you and your loved ones. Call us to discuss your unique home security needs.

We are serious about your safety.